How to Speed up MT4

Aug 31

​Is your MT4 Trading Platform Slowing down?

​Let's get this thing tuned up and running FAST!

​Check out the video below to find out the simple step by step process to eliminate unnecessary files and finally get your MT4 Forex  trading platform up and running as fast as possible.


​Keeping your tools in the best running order is key to successful trading. Just as race car driver needs their car to perform at the highest level possible, us Forex traders need our computers and platform interface in tip top shape too. When you are running several open charts and looking at multiple time frames​, it takes toll on your platforms resources. Make sure to follow these simple steps on a weekly basis to keep things moving smoothly.


About the Author

Kevin is the founder of Action-FX and has been involved in trading for over 20 years in one form or another. After going through all the bumps and bruises required to become profitable on your own, he developed an easy to follow step by step approach to trading that is clearly taught in the Action-FX trading course.