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First Attack Rejections

Learn to find one of the highest probability trades EVER!

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Here you will learn the AFX entry styles, and where and when to use them.

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Here we go over the significance of wicks and how to use them in your market analysis.

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Where to Place your Stop Loss

Clearly define where you place your stops. Identify the barriers to hide behind.

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News Events

How to avoid being smashed by the wild moves associated with news events.

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What to Trade and When

Know what pairs work for you and when you should trade.

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How to Modify Your Fibonacci Tool

Change your fib tool and get the most out of your practice sessions.

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Putting It All Together

Take all you have learned and put it into practice. Learn how we use all of this great info.

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Create a Trading Journal

Knowing what you have done in the past can really help you minimize your errors and maximize your strengths. Get started tracking your trading the right way.

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Focused Practice

Practicing the right things in the right way reinforces correct trading habits. Let us show you how.