Analyzing Charts

Chart Skills and Price Analysis

9 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

Here you will find out how to see the market movements, structures, and patterns.

Course Structure

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Bulls and Bears

Who is in control...The bulls or the bears? Let's find out how to discover the answer.

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Market Structure

What are we actually looking at and how do you know where price might go from here?

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Candle Patterns

Discover the principals of candles and finally understand what they actually mean.

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Identify Trends and learn how to capitalize on them.

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Identify Ranges and Learn how to trade them

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Support and Resistance

Correctly identify Support and Resistance levels / Supply and Demand zones.

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Learn what an EMA is and how we can use them in our trading.

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Market Patterns

Pattern Recognition and how to use this info to identify potential trade set ups.

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Time Frames

How looking at different time frames can increase your accuracy. Get the big picture view point.