Mar 26

The Same 24 hours

Everyone gets the same 24 hours

One of the worst excuses everyone makes is that they are “too busy” to achieve their goals. They work 50 hours a week and therefore do not have time to work on their goals. They do not have time to get to the gym.

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Feb 20

What Mike Tyson knows about trading

Mike Tyson knows Trading

​What could Mike Tyson possibly know about trading?In the highly competitive world of boxing, few rise to the top. Fewer still have the powerhouse rocket ride that Mike Tyson had. So what does Mike Tyson know about trading Forex? ​I want to share some of my favorite Iron Mike quotes and how they relate to trading.Continue […]

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Nov 30

What Warren Buffett says about risk

What Warren Buffett says about risk

​What Warren Buffett says about Risk. ​It is a pretty simple quote.. I realize this… The funny thing with what Warren Buffett says about risk is that it really cuts to the point and hits the nail on the head. Think about it “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.”

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Nov 21

Multiple time frame analysis

​How do you create more accuracy?​The idea behind higher time frames…​Everybody wants more consistency in their trading. It is universal. We all strive to be better, regardless of how good we already are. So how do you go about upping your accuracy? Looking at Multiple time frames can be a massive game changer!

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Aug 31

How to Speed up MT4

​Is your MT4 Trading Platform Slowing down?​Let’s get this thing tuned up and running FAST!​Check out the video below to find out the simple step by step process to eliminate unnecessary files and finally get your MT4 Forex  trading platform up and running as fast as possible.

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Aug 11

Forex Business Plan

Create a Forex Busness Plan

​​Do you need a plan? ​​​A Forex Business Plan is imperative to trading success. ​Have you ever asked a business owner why they have a business plan? I bet not. First of all it seems pretty obvious why one is needed to run a company doesn’t it.

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