Who we Are and
What We're About


​Are you new to Forex and in search of financial freedom?  Or are you an existing trader, trying to find that elusive consistency​?

​Whether you are looking for an additional income, or are frustrated in your current job and want a change, you have found the right place.

Since you are already here, i am going to take a wild guess and say that you are probably looking for more out of life, and to create wealth in order to enjoy it on another level.

​But perhaps you...

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    ​Have no idea how to get started in Forex
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    ​Need guidance on turning your trading from "not so great" to "successful."
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    ​Feel alone and frustrated, not really knowing where to turn. (friends and family are supportive but don't quite get it)

​A Letter from the founder

We have a passion for living life to the fullest! This has led us to create and share the experiences that shape and expand our world. In the process we strive to be of service to, and inspire, those around us.

Action-FX helps people create meaningful  lives, full of purpose. We enable people to encourage others and celebrate their successes together. There is no better way to enjoy your achievements than with family and friends.

This is your life... Start designing it

Kevin Wood

​John Lourence Diazon

​​AFX Member


"At first, I was skeptical taking this course but in the back of my mind, something was telling me, just do it. As soon as I started the course I knew I had made a great decision, an investment for myself and a vehicle to achieve my dreams.

From the ​first time I logged in, until now I never stopped learning. AFX has amazing support from the team, the course itself answers all you need to know about Forex, and with Kevin as our Mentor... he's always there if you are struggling with something.

All I can say is, "if you have goals and dreams in life that you want to reach, take that first step!".

Thanks Kevin for showing me the way.

​Kevin's Story

In 1997 Kevin experienced his first success in the stock market and ignited his passion for Trading. In the following years he had some ups, downs, and breaks before finding consistency. In 2009 he entered the world of Forex. Having found a market that really spoke to him, he started developing his own style of trading using the core principals he learned through many hours of trial and error.  Now his goal is to drastically reduce the learning curve for new and aspiring traders, by having created a learning environment from the ground up with a strong focus on what really matters. Risk management, along with our core trading principals, psychology, and mindset training, propel our members to take their skills and knowledge to the next level in the least amount of time.